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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Woman to Admire...

Rather than address my consistent lack of blogging and my persistent writers block, I have just decided to (try to) dive back in and get my groove back.  Lets hope this works.

One of my favorite blogging sites is called "Mothers in Medicine".  It is a collaboration of blog posts from doctors or other health care professionals of different specialties and their perspectives and struggles in managing it all.  And while most of my readers are likely not doctors, the issues and that are addressed on this site are universal for all working (and even SAH) mothers.   Pay the site a visit, you might find it interesting.

They recently posted a clip from YouTube of Facebook's COO, Sheryl Sandberg.  Since watching this, it has fueled something in me to want to share this with all the other women I know.  Both young women and older women.  High School students, college grads and those who have already set forth on their career paths.  Mothers and those that want to be mothers someday.  And that desire to share this has driven me back, FINALLY, to the blog.  And I am grateful for this.

This clip is about 15 minutes long and well worth watching.  Not only because this woman is an inspiration to myself and should be to all women.  Not only because she ran this speech by Gloria Steinem (!!!) before she gave it.  Not only because she was recently featured in Vogue.  Not only because she has a net worth of $400 million and is just over forty.  Not for any one of these reasons, but for all of them, and more.

Lets hope that this can inspire some of you too.  Maybe it will inspire you to stay in the work force and find your perfect balance.  Maybe it will inspire you to lean into your career rather than pull back.  Maybe it will inspire you as a mother to be a strong role model for your daughters.  Maybe it will inspire you to pursue whatever it is that fuels your passion or challenges you.

Or maybe it will just give you something interesting to think about.  So, go ahead, watch it and then share it with other women.