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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back...With News...

So, in the past couple of months I have been noticely (or, you may not have noticed) absent from blogging.  I'm not sure exactly what has pulled me away from this space.  Well, it hasn't been one thing, but a bunch of things.  Thankfully, my practice is growing and I have found myself pulled in the direction of patient care.  But this is not the real issue.

The real issue is that I find this place to be a place of honesty, one where I put out my true thoughts and feelings and hope it affects some of my readers.  But, for some time, I have been forced to be private.  Just in case.  So, now I have good, no, amazing news that has been boiling under the surface.  Under the surface of my belly, that is.

I am growing baby #3.

There, I said it.  I have put it out into this universe.  And as I put it out there I am terrified. 
Terrified of something going wrong.  Worried that it may not be true.  Nervous about the future.  And it will be this way until Semptember, when the newest member of my family will make her (or his!!!) debut into our world.

And now, I am free to write about my ever expanding pant size, my constant and unrelenting nausea, and my excitement (and fear), of the arrival of baby #3.  I can tell you stories of telling my girls about the baby's arrival, and their characteristic responses.  I can now confess that although this baby was planned, I am scared that it will upset a harmonious balance in my life, career and home.  I can share the excitement of planning a new room with either pink or blue hues.  I can be reminded of what it is like to grow a new life inside of this (old) body and know that with each kick, something unbelievable is on the horizon.

Hopefully you will not grow sick of hearing about this new development.  I will try to use this (last) pregnancy and baby rearing experience to discuss important medical, pediatric, and of course, parenting issues.

That is, if I can find the time.