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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just what I needed...

I have written before about my Bedtime Woes, and recently things have gotten somewhat better.  I credit one of my fine readers, with her suggestion to turn off the TV after 5 pm.  What a difference this has made for our family.   I have found that it is easier to get the kids to settle down, and we focus more on reading before bed which is a good thing.

So, tonight I was called into the Hot Pocket's room for one last snuggle.  I was at the end of my rope, frustrated, and wanting to go to bed.  I gave her one kiss but that did not settle her.  She wanted one last snuggle.  I gave in and laid down next to her and she gave me a giant squeeze.

And told me she loved me to the stars.
And I told her I loved her to the moon.  And back.

I kissed her goodnight and then she told me that she needed the biggest hug ever.  She proceeded to squeeze me tight and put every little ounce of her sweetness into that hug.

How did she know that I needed that?