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Friday, January 7, 2011

I've decided to rename my children...

First of all, I love my kids names.  And if up to this point you have been reading my blog, or if you (are lucky enough to..) know me, you know their names as well.  And, I'm sure you think they are fabulous.  I'm not bragging here, because I really did not name them.  My hubby did.  So I cannot take credit.

Since beginnig to blog, I have been unsure about how much of myself to reveal, and in what way to do it.  But recently, I am happy that I have many new readers that I have met through the blogosphere (who knew?).  Up until now, I am sometimes hesitant to use my kids names.  Now, more time has passed and I have found my blogging voice.  I feel more comfortable about talking about the family, and so I have decided to rename them.

My oldest daughter, for future blog posts will be called by one of her favorite names, The Boober.  Here she is modeling after a haircut.

And my littlest, cuddliest munchkin will be affectionately known as The Hot Pocket.  This is also a nickname that she embraces. What a face!

So, there it is.  Now I can talk about them freely and not worry about it. less thing to stress about!
Happy Weekend.


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