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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vaccine Advocacy

Immunizations are a hot topic these days.  It is hard to go even a couple of days without hearing something on the news, by a patient, or by a friend questioning the safety of immunizations.  And I get it.  I'm a parent.  I'm plagued by worry for my children.  But unfortunately, sometimes information is not passed on to parents responsibly, leading them to make choices for their children based on information which is NOT fact.  This scares me because these decisions can be LIFE OR DEATH decisions.  Children DO, even in America, die of PREVENTABLE and COMMUNICABLE diseases due to poor vaccination practices.  What a tragedy.

I would like to pass on 2 EXCELLENT articles to my readers.  The first is a 'cartoon' about Andrew Wakefield, the British scientist who recently had his medical license revoked for his work on 'MMR and AUTISM'.  It is a quick summary of the lack of science behind his claims and the financial stake that he had in his research practices.


The second article is a great piece about RESPONSIBLE VACCINE ADVOCACY.   If you DO vaccinate your children, and do not want them to be at risk for communicable diseases from other, unvaccinated children, SPEAK UP.  Be PROUD of your stance to eliminate unnecessary illness and death in our country.  Consider becoming an advocate for vaccination.  Consider going to your doctor and updating your own vaccination status.  Fear the disease, NOT the vaccine.

Feel free to pass along the button above that says "Hug Me, I'm Vaccinated".
You can make a difference!