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Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have an Avatar...Who is she?

This marks the first post at my new 'virtual' home.  No fleeting moments of sadness with this move though.  One of my links is "meet the doctor" and should be easy to write but every time I sit down to define myself on paper, I can't get the words out right.  Make of that what you will.  Now that I have this fancy home, I'm having a severe case of bloggers block.  How typical.

Anyway, now that I have an avatar I feel like a superhero.   But who is this mysterious supermommy?  Does she have her own identity as well?  Well, like me, she is a person still in development.  On an endless quest for perfection.  She may not be able to fly, but I bet she could make dinner and do the dishes blindfolded.  This avatar is a slightly more put together, more polished and possibly a more sophisticated version of myself.  Awesome.  I already want to be her, and my husband may want to marry her.

I came across this article, "I tweet, therefore I am" through a friends link on facebook and thought it was quite timely with the launch of the new website.  One writer's opinion on how social media is shaping our lives.

So, how true is our 'virtual' self to our real self?  Are they always going to be a slightly better version of our real selves because we are "playing to our audience"?  Is that ok?  How much of our internal dialogue should be shared before it is too much?  Is there even such a thing as an introvert anymore?

I'm new to twitter but I am at high risk of becoming addicted.  The risk factors are obvious.  Iphone attached to my person, avid facebook user and newbie blogger.  Risk score approaching 100% if I can figure it out.  Apparently, I am not the only one if there are 55 MILLION tweets a day.  That is just insane.

If you are at all into social networking you surely can relate to this.  You may be in the middle of a vacation, having a perfect moment of happiness and suddenly have the urge to share this with others.  After all, posting your memories makes them permanent.  Seals them in cyberspace.  And may give you some conversation piece upon your return.  Even intimate moments can be shared to others likings (no dislike available yet, but I'm sure its soon to come).  Your facebook status updates and tweets can serve as a sort of portable journal of your life, if you let it.  The question is, should you let it?

It is obvious what these social networks have set out to do. They want to strengthen our connections to other people, because, connections, after all, are what provide meaning in our lives.  Finding a friend that you haven't seen in 10 years is exciting, but after you catch up, they may not want to know about the temper tantrum your 2 year old had this morning.  But, if they don't want to know and don't share themselves, then they shouldn't be looking. (you know the facebook voyeur type).

The Doctor Mom is my super hero avatar.  She is pretty and skinny and eats whatever she wants without having to workout.  She wakes up early to clean the house, and makes a healthy, homemade breakfast by 7 am with makeup on.   She folds laundry perfectly, and never gets mad at her kids.  She works, blogs and takes care of the kids without breaking a sweat.  Oh, and she doesn't drink coffee or diet coke.  She is part of me, just (clearly) not all of me. And she is the author of this blog.  She is the side of me I want to share, and the part you would want to see.

So if you don't like it, I'll give you her email, and you can surely complain to her.  I'm sure she won't mind a bit.


  • Do you think there should be accepted "rules" for social networks?
  • How often do you 'tweet' or update your status?
  • What is the most annoying TYPE of facebook user? (no names please!)