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Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Girl, Big World...

There are many moments in the story of our childrens' lives that we mark.  Birthdays, first steps, first words; and with each milestone comes pride and celebration.  We mark the moments with pictures and notes to remember, to try to control this runaway train called time.

This week my "baby" reached one of these milestones.  She seemlessly transitioned from her 'cribby' to her new big girl bed.  Her mommy may have lost a little sleep worrying about how she would handle the change, but she was just fine.  Of course she was.  Its only a bed.  But she did great.  A little more snuggling was in order, but the next morning when she woke she was so proud.

Instead of the usual cries for "Daddy...Daddy" there was a different call.  "I'm a BIG GIRL Mommy!" she insisted.

...And she is :(


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