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Monday, March 29, 2010

What is it about blogging?

Since I have (re-) started blogging things for me have changed.  Now, you could argue that things were changing and this has nothing to do with blogging. The beginning of this blogging resurrengence did come at the same time as a new job and a new home...but I digress...

With blogging I have begun see the world differently.  The blog is constantly on my mind.  And I am always searching my little universe for topics.  It seems to be helping me focus on the "bigger picture".  And I like it.

My goal for the blog is to write about what I see to be universal truths among women-new mommies, seasoned mommies, working mommies, SAH mommies-and see where it takes me.  So, now, rather than focusing on being mad at Reagan for hitting her sister, I find myself asking, how should I best handle this parenting conundrum?  What is it about kids that break us down?  How can I take myself to a place to teach my kids to behave better by showing them that I can behave better (ie keep my cool...yeah, right!)?

This weekend I had a playdate with some spectacular NEW mommy friends.  In the past, I have been quoted as saying that "I don't really need any more friends, I am quite content with the ones I have".  What I have meant by this is that I feel blessed to be surrounded and supported by wonderful girls, I mean, WOMEN, who I have known for (mostly) my entire life.  And I am afraid to let in new ones.  It is such an investment.  What if I don't end up liking them in the end, or, what if they see the real me..and don't like it?

But, as of late, I have made MANY new friends.  Through Maj (aka the women's group), through my kids, through work, through blogging...and I am finding that I ACTUALLY MAY HAVE BEEN WRONG.  I may actually NEED new friends.  We all may.  To keep the conversation stimulating.  To allow us to hear new points of view.  For us to be seen for who we are TODAY.  To share our stories and reflect.  To be HEARD.

Opening myself up to my blog and to new friends allows me to explore new issues that I never knew existed.  If someone has read my blog they may know more about me than I know about them.  But, I have found that they may feel comfortable commenting on some of the ideas that I have been exploring.  They may have new thoughts on mommyhood or womenhood that haven't yet been heard.  And I might just learn something from their new point of view.  Maybe they will inspire me.  Maybe I will inspire them.  And, maybe supporting each other will make us all better...better mommies, better friends, better wives...just better.

So, now I have decided to put myself out there, both virtually and in reality and see where it takes me.  What about you?


lonnee said...

i didn't know the old u, but the new one is pretty cool! love our new found friendship!! xo
oh, btw whit also left her ooye, gooey toy over here too.

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