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Friday, February 5, 2010

Wine, whine and the DSO.


2 years ago at this time I was praying to be induced. Hoping she was healthy and ready to come out and greet the world.  I was ready to hear her squeals, rock her, feed her and learn everything about her.  Now I know her. She is a 2 year old that looks just like me. She has opinions, strong ones.  She has likes, dislikes, she talks and walks and runs and falls (a lot).  And its only been 2 years. Amazing.

Because of my amazing babysitter (really, she's more than that, but that is the subject of another post) Randy and I spent an evening alone with our (almost) 2 year old. I can't remember the last time we got to do this.  We took her to the mall for a birthday "dinner" and ice cream.  Mommy had wine because she needed it. Whitney whined and ate macaroni.  Randy stressed about Whitneys behavior (typical). We held hands and did superjumps. 

After dinner to our surprise the DSO was playing in the middle of the mall.  Whitney was screaming "wanna hear music" which is perfectly appropriate for a two year old. Right on track.  Overall a perfectly normal but special evening for our 'baby'.

Happy birthday to my Mitters.  Mommy truly loves you.

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