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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who am I?

I am doccarrie.  But that's just my blogging name.

I am...

1.  A mother.  To my favorite 2 girls that make me proud.

2.  A wife.  To a husband that thinks I'm a slob.

3.  A daughter.  To 2 parents that still treat me like a child.  Sometimes.

4.  A sister.  To my best friend and a little boy that I can still tease.

5.  A doctor.  To a small but growing number of patients that I can learn from.

6.  A friend.  To all the other mommies and women out there who I share this road with.

Where am I?  In my bed.  Blogging.

But I am really EXACTLY where I want to be.  And scared if I admit it, that it may all go away.