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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A few new craft projects

While I am getting really excited about my upcoming trip to Utah, I have also time to get involved in some new craft projects. I'm missing Whitneys Birthday when I'm gone...don't tell her...but we are going to reschedule and celebrate on Feb. 11 instead.

For school, I'm going to make the cupcakes shown. I hope mine will look as good as the Barefoot Contessa's, and with the cupcake decorator...they just might. I also bought this very practical cupcake transporting device so they will not get smashed. I'll be sure to post the finished product. It's interesting that I spent even more that 2 seconds thinking about this considering that is for a class of infants, but we all have a little Martha Stewart in us, don't we?

I also have started a new knitting project, a scarf for Reagan. It should be done before its warm out! I don't know many people that knit, but I'm hoping to find some people to help improve my skills. So far, its going well.

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jcpurther said...

You have so much creative energy!! I love it. I have another friend who is into knitting. I should get you guys in touch. See you at 7:30.

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